Photography is something I do every day like eating and sleeping. Sometimes it sustains me. At other times it wears on my body. It mostly wears on me.

solo shows

"Conditions of work," MayWorks, May 17, 2014. In collaboration with the Immigrant Workers Centre, CEDA, 2515 Rue Delisle, Montréal.

“Cantina,” Italian Week, National Congress of Italian Canadians, at Casa D’italia, August 9-18, 2013. 505 Jean-Talon Street East, Montréal.

“Cantina,” Casa d’Italia, Vendemmia Exposition, October 20-21. 2012. 505, Jean-Talon Street East, Montréal.

"Simulacra," Galerie Nota Bene, June 27 to July 15, 2011. 3416 ave. du parc, Montréal.

group shows

"between here and there," selected pictures will appear at the exhibit "Italian Montreal," Pointe-a-Calliere Museum, Montreal, February 2021 - January 2022.

"conditions of worth," selected pictures to appear at the exhibit "Points of View: A National Human Rights Photography Exhibition," Canadian Museum for Human Rights, begining June 23, 2017. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"vulnerability," Future Perfect, YellowFishArt Gallery, March 8-20, 2014. 3623 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal.

“In Between Spaces”, VAV Gallery, November 29 – December 9, 2010. René Levesque W., Montréal.


F-Stop Magazine group exhibition, pictures from the series "you and me," June 2020 issue, www.fstopmagazine.com.

FotoEvidence, FotoWitness Stories, “Conditions of Worth” by Luigi Pastò, September 2017, www.FotoEvidence.com.

A Exhibirse Fotos de Dos Trabajadores Guatemaltecos, Diario Tijuana, May 16, 2017, Tijuana, Mexico.

Luigi Pastò part of Human Rights Photography Exhibition, Milton Reporter, May 16, 2017. Milton, Ontario.

Conditions of Worth: The Experiences of Temporary Foreign Workers. Social Documentary Network (SDN), Spotlight, No. 174, June 2017.

"Trabajadores temporales latinoamericanos en el Museo canadiense de derechos humanos," Radio Canada International, March 23, 2017. (http://www.rcinet.ca/es/2017/05/23/trabajadores-temporales-latinoamericanos-en-el-museo-canadiense-de-derechos-humanos/)

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Bessner, Gallay, Kreisman: Accounting, Advisory & Tax Services. Montreal, Canada.
Casa d'Italia, Montreal, Canada.
Private Collection, Toronto, Canada


BFA Studio Arts (photography, with great distinction), Concordia University, Montreal.
MFA Stdio Arts (photography), Concordia University, Montreal.